Yesterday was fun. We got legally hitched, were told off by the registrar for not taking it seriously enough (it didn't really feel like a big deal compared to the humanist ceremony we had in the summer), then went and ate a metre of pizza at @oandrleicester and drank far...
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Really excellent book haul from York today. I started Things A Bright Girl Can Do on the train and it's just brilliant. This is also my third copy of The Pursuit Of Love; I keep finding ever-more-beautiful editions on which I must spend my money.
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Not being in your usual city is the same as being on holiday right? And totally explains why I'm on my second cider of the day already, while Thomas is on the soft drinks because we drove to the station this morning and forgot that would mean he has to...
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Found York Zine Library sort of by accident.
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We've been in York less than an hour and have already bought four books: somebody stop me!
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