I’ve got the busiest week EVER ahead of me and my body has given me a little niggly headache this AM. Hoping my medication makes it disappear so I can work hard and be proactive AF! I’m blaming the Winter still as it makes me so damn tired and drained...
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Seeing as I’m seeing @ditavonteese tonight, it makes sense to post some lingerie I have photographed within a wonderful hedge maze 😍 @thelingerieraven by me 📸
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You walk a fine line between beautifully macabre and uncharacteristically psychotic 😈 Model: @sorcha555 MUA: Lalaine
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#tbt! I found out that me and @zoelondondj shot these nearly a YEAR ago! Wow! I also never posted them back then so here we are. I’m in the area we shot this tonight so seems fitting to make it a throwback! @zoelondondj by me 📸
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