I’ve got the busiest week EVER ahead of me and my body has given me a little niggly headache this AM. Hoping my medication makes it disappear so I can work hard and be proactive AF! I’m blaming the Winter still as it makes me so damn tired and drained...
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When there’s a slice of tropical right in the heart of London 🖤🌴 @cadyquotidienne by me 📸
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I want to do more moody and B&W stuff. Would people be against me giving them colour and B&W copies?? Do people still enjoy B&W or prefer colour?? @pererauk by me 📸
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I am so damn close to achieving my dream, which is having my career take me to the US of A 😬 🤞🏻 for 2019 people @foxxtailz by me 📸
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🌻SunDaze pt.2🌻 A self portrait
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🌻SunDaze🌻 A self portrait
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