8 year old Jackson and Dumb Dumb McGee return next week. My Pet Robot by #isleybluesartschool #popsrecordspresents #jackson All Links At: ISLEYBLUESARTSCHOOL.com (link in bio)
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"Joseph Konty's music is like watching a dry moth burn in the Southern heat," Carol Dinghole, KPAM Radio 666AM & in other news @josephkonty live Friday 7:00pm 11/16/18 @hopsontapllc #tigard #hopsontap #livemusicIguess #sorrysociety #blametheparents
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All Hallows' Eve.
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My first show in a bar my father booked ended up with him scooping acid tablets off stage into TOGO containers as fans threw them onstage as tips. Continued with a knife fight 6 minutes after we drove off. Welcome to the music business soft ones. It's not for everyone....
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