Glad to partner up with @champagne_bollinger! We created a dish to go with the new Bollinger R.D. 2004: a calf sweetbread in crust, black truffle and Jerusalem artichoke ????
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We went old school and bought an alarm clock. I only hate it sometimes, like every morning. But at least there will be no more rolling over and immediately reaching for my phone and scrolling Instagram until suddenly it’s 8 and I’m in deep ????. . . . . .
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✨???? Danke für dein super Foto ❤️????????Wir wünschen Dir viel Spass mit Deinem weissen Hollywood-Smile????Bequem Zähne bleichen wie NATALIE jetzt nur 169.80 statt 329.80????Jetzt Bestellen ???????? #zahnbleaching #zahnarzt #za
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Buenos días, desde el paraíso Niwa. Amanecer así es un privilegio que de vez en cuanto sienta muy bien. #spaniwa #amenosde1horademadrid #spa #relax #goodmorning #instagood
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