When you’re ill at home on a bleak Monday, but received a bouquet of summer garden flowers on Saturday from some wonderful people, so you don’t need to grudge 🕊 #flowerpower #florenciathatflowershop #winterflorals
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Thank you for the moments past, the present and those future times together, lovers and friends 🕊 #valentines
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Mietityttääkö roskien oikeaoppinen lajittelu? Step into the light, my dear soul 🌟blogissa nyt käytännön vinkkejä kotilajittelun helpottamiseen (check myös: näin puet mandariinipussin elegantiksi harsopäähineeksi -kollaasi)! Linkki biossa🍊 #zerowasteliving #sustainableliving #vogue
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Weekend plans: looking for the next member of my green family 🌴🌵🌿 #urbanjungle #greenhomebook
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