When sisters collaborate on where everyone should stand to get the coolest shot in front of the pretty mural 😂❤️
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We’ve done lots of room makeovers since we moved in this old house but for some reason, we’ve not done a single thing to our bedroom. It was always at the bottom of the list. We needed a new mattress set and somehow one thing led to another, and bam,...
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The first raspberries of the season y’all! Woohoo🎉🇺🇸 !!! Such a gorgeous color!
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Now this is how you spend a Saturday morning! Happy 🐈 urday y’all!
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Still going strong over here with our Keto/ Paleo influenced lifestyle. We fall somewhere in between because I don’t measure macros like strict Keto followers do. We adhere fully to a high fat/low carb, no grains/no sugar plan though. I wish I was posting more often because we really are...
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Good morning everyone 😊! I figure if I have this much fun with baby bunnies, being a grandma to actual humans one day is going to be amazing! Raising animals brings us such joy and we are so looking forward to expanding our mini farm one day soon! 🐐🐇🐓💛 Happy...
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