I love this. Luna thinks that's a picture of me! Thank you Luna! So if I'm ever feeling down, I can just watch this video and remind myself that I'm somebody! I'm the Monalisa! Woop 🙌 woop 🙌 #taketimetobeyou #monalisa
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This is for all the mummies looking to rest and replenish. Come join me at @anantarariverside on Aug 25th and Sept 29th. Visit my page www.taketimetobeyou.com/sleepcation to book your spot #taketimetobeyou #maketimeforyourself #sleepcation2018 #tttby #mum
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I like this @bellazanesco it's so very true! I'm going through your book at the moment and really loving it. Thank you for all the insights #lifestrategies #taketimetobeyou #TTTBY
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Happiness is... I'm borrowing my son's definition until I can come up with a better one. In the meantime, wishing you a happy Happy Day! #taketimetobeyou #maketimeforyourself #lifestrategy #TTTBY #internationalhappinessday
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