I started meditating when Reid was going through #cancer treatment. I had no idea what I was doing, but I was scared, sad and desperate for some semblance of peace. I felt lost and out of control in all aspects of my life, so I did a quick search and...
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When you’re with ya girl tryna be cute but someone creeps on your coconut. 👀🥥
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Nothing says #dadlife like driving your whole family around in an extra large #golf cart. @shreerconley14 you are the glue that binds us and we could not do this big, happy life without you. We love you to the 🌙 and back. #theoneandonly #PRC #happyfathersday #luckyus #conleycrew
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We wake up every morning and sit on the front porch. He says, “What do you see, mama?” And then tells me all about the gween twees and the bwue sky. The sun creeps up and it’s suddenly too hot in the #Texas heat, but it’s fine with us because...
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Honored to be asked by The Bush Center to bring #yoga to their summer wellness project. Yesterday we had a great first class, incorporating #breathwork, #mindfulness and a yummy #vinyasa flow. Such a treat to guide these lovely ladies and to share techniques for instilling #calm, #peace and #awareness into...
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It was a good day. ✨
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