💙 Lol! Yessss! The big pay off in the new hilarious @whoismgmt music video #meandmichael is my indigo tshirts arriving in the mail!! Good work @sphynxtits @brooklyneze @springbrucesteen and btw that phone case is 🔥
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I’ve been working really hard. Hope you love the things I dreamt up and handmade you for fall.
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🖤 🌰 Gud goth, my walnuts are falling by the bucket load! About to back over them with my truck to make a super dark brown black dye. Yep, my neighbors think I’m nuts.
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🖤 Today is good and I sure missed you @helenachristensen 📷🖤
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Well, Monday is in full effect.
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🌹 Polaroid teen bathroom selfie 1999
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