Niamh got a part in “My Son Pinocchio Jr” at our local theater, and tonight was her first rehearsal. And I know the photo is blurry and not good quality, but I love her little nervous face as they take the kids around backstage. She was so brave to try...
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Hello bright and early Saturday morning. I’ve never met you before 😋, but you’re quiet and peaceful— so I might become your friend.
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#10thingstotellyou Challenge, Day 3: A thing that changed me worldview... READING books that challenge my comfortable places. 📚 I began to pick books that bothered me probably about 5 years ago... choosing to read authors who didn’t share my exact views or actually held VERY different ones. It is my...
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Day 2, #10thingstotellyou : Someone who has influenced me... @niamh.loves is FOR SURE the person who most influenced me this year. I pay more attention to EVERYTHING I buy, use, and even throw away. She cares for the planet in such a beautiful, excited way, you can’t help but want...
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Ran 10 dreary, windy boardwalk miles. My mom and kids dropped me off and then bee-bopped around till I was done. It was a fun and exhausting morning... and now I need a warm, snuggly cat nap 😅
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