Dying from cuteness 😍😵We promise our churros are bigger irl! 😜 #theloopchurros #stayintheloop 📷: @_allthingsclay_
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Beyoncé's Lemonade and a churro dessert is like a Destiny's Child reunion in your mouth 🍋➰🍦 #theloopchurros #stayintheloop 📷: @houseofjchang
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Get your Milk N' Cookies with a churro 🥛🍪 Cinnamon sugar churro on vanilla soft serve topped with Oreos, Cookie Dough, a Chocolate Chip Cookie and Blue Milk Drizzle 😋 We're open til MIDNIGHT! ✌️ #theloopchurros #stayintheloop 📷: @cali_snacks
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