I cried at least three times today. But it wasn’t until she got off the bus, within my line of vision, that I realized I’ve been holding my breath all day without her. Sending our children to #school should NOT feel this way. I am so grateful to have my...
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Whenever we go to #NYC, people ask, “What shows are you going to see?” And I’m like, “Ummmm. Whichever one stars dim sum. And noodles. And dumplings. And spring rolls.” 🥟🍜🍚 #andandandand #keepyourplays #givemefood
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A few moments alone in my favorite sunlit studio. 🙏🏻 #yesplease #sunday #yoga #mychurch
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Gettin’ dat tree! 🎄 #conleychristmascrew
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