Happiness to me is when you have good company, good health and a heck of a view of nature. HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR OF THE DOG EVERYONE! May this new year be full of joy, love and adventures. 恭喜發財!心想事成! 萬事如意! 🐶
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I may not have control of what life throws at me, but I have control of how I respond to life. 💜
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Not everyday do you get the Aussie's National Animal tugging at your skirt demanding your attention. Must have done something right (or wrong) 🤤
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Well, hello there Darling. 👋🏻
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'Don't you ever think that you're not loved or treasured; Your family and friends care for you and they appreciate you more than you can imagine; Yes, sometimes we go through pain and sorrow that feels like beyond our capacity to handle; When you feel desperate or hopeless, lean on...
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Met the cuddliest baby the other day but adoption process didn't go through 🐨💔#betterlucknexttime
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