Children are truly holy. Let there be light on Children. To all the Children on the Globe, Play hard and don’t rush to grow since there is no way going back!
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DRAKSUM LAKE One of the most beautiful Lakes located in the Eastern Tibet Nyingchi region is the Draksum Lake, also known as Basum Tso Lake. The specialty of Draksum Lake is the nature. This is one of the only Lakes in Tibet surrounded by snow mountains and green forest with...
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Beauties of Spring nature in Tibet.
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MOUNT SHISHAPANGMA Located on the Himalaya range near the Phikutso Lake at the altitude of 8,027 meters, which is around 26,335 ft, making Mount Shishapangma the 14th highest mountain on our planet Earth. Even though Mount Shishapangma base camp is one of the stunning beauties in Tibet but from our...
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A beautiful smile from the young Tibetan monk is the smile of the day.
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THE HIDDEN ROUTE TO WOKA CHOELONG The popular routes in Tibet are mostly crowded with lots of Travelers from all around the world.  Some Travelers ask us about some special route where they are less tourist but more locals, less vehicle but more nature with wild animals. After doing some...
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