The Winter Weaver:: all complete and sold this morning ❤️ so glad you all liked her! Winter is the best time to paint.... #weaver #weaving #fiberartist #folkart #handmade #painting #warpandweft
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Golden rod captured forever in wool!
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Today I am 37:: and this weekend I’ve gotten up to all sorts of shenanigans, like going goldenrod harvesting with @housesparrownesting (she took this pic/— there was a very interested horse who wanted to see why we were picking his flowers). Now I’m having birthday cake for breakfast, reading my...
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Tomorrow is my birthday 😊opened this sweet book (Becky’s birthday) for a sweet surprise! Tasha Tudor’s signature 🍁🎂
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Four skeins to dye this weekend
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All those autumn flowers are in bloom and it has me dreaming of plant dyeing....spinning up some gorgeous white wool from @serenitysheepfarmstay and dreaming of the possibilities....
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