I was on the phone with a friend who’s about to start her first IVF cycle. I asked what she’s up to tonight & she said “I’ve always wanted to try aerial yoga and you can’t really do it when your pregnant!” L💚VE the positivity & the fact she was...
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When did you lose your joy? For me it was really early on. It didn’t help that my two besties & sister-in-law got pregnant within the first few months of our journey - WTF! There was “nothing” wrong with us & I TOTALLY thought our journey to parenthood was going...
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Love This 🤣 Thanks @mcsquiresivf
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We’re shacked up in a cute @airbnb in #wikikibeach but the kitchen utensils are in short supply. Even had to go buy my own coffee cup 🦂. So it’s still left over Japanese sweet potato, poached egg, bacon & blueberries!!
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Y O U’ V E. G O T. T H I S.
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For many of us, the heartache of not giving our partner the chance to be a parent, is emotional draining. I know it was for me. Wanting my husband to be a dad, just as much as I wanted to be a mom gave me more determination to figure it...
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