this is just funny to me bc i am fully aware that i’m the least relaxed person ever . . . . . #beachreads #beachready #springbreak2018 #springbreak #vacationtime #vacaymode #reads
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yes fine ok we can all address the lovely human being on the right who I could not for the life of me photoshop out so let’s just for a second pretend that imperfect photos are the new thing & accept it for what it is okayyyyy | wearing @eggieshop...
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new album dropping soon ✌🏽
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been trying to think of a clever caption for 30 min and I got nothin so decided to share my dream last night with u guys bc I dreamt that my mom forgot my birthday wtf!! @charlie_the_peanut how could u
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reuniting with my bby squirrel @minamarlena FINALLY after begging her to sleep over for a whole week again luh uuu | photo @jimixjames
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a little extra for a wednesday morning but ok w it
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