Mag-au-audition sana ako para sa next Bench Fashion Show, kaya lang naligaw kami. 😂 @Bench Cafe #benchcafe #ootd #igers #igdaily #igs #bloggerph
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Will miss this peaceful place! Despite being a few distance away from the business district (KL), New World Petaling Jaya is definitely a relaxing haven for businessmen who want to unwind after a tiring day. 😎 I'll surely be back soon! Glad to meet a few managers and staff. It's...
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Spent the afternoon preparing my pasalubongs-slash-holiday gifts in one. I prefer not wrapping my gifts, or at least not/reduce use plastic, to lessen the waste (and since most are food products thus no need really.) I know some people are a sucker for gift-wrapping. Why not try to consider more...
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1st pic-Going up: Kaya yan parang Shaw Blvd station lang yan!😎 2nd pic-Going down: Mga 5x na akyat pala ng Shaw Blvd station 'to. 😓 😂😂😂😂😂 #ReadyJetSetMo #MorielGoesToMalaysia #BatuCaves #KungTamaKaBakaMalaysia #YuckCornyNgJoke
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