These ranunculus were a labor of love to figure out how to create. (Not to mention how many petals they require.) But all that work I put in to figure them out makes me so much happier with them now that I've figured it out. There are many flower "failures"...
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Pretty pink cosmos. 😍
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Boutonnieres, love em or hate em?⠀ ⠀ Photographer - @arikajordanphotography⠀ Venue: @shakorihillsgrassroots⠀ Planner + Designer - @beautybudgetevents⠀ Florist - @paperswallowevents
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More photos of grooms holding the bouquet, please! 😍 ⠀ Photographer - @kelseyhalmphoto⠀ Planner + Florist - @paperswallowevents⠀ Venue - @dogwood_downs⠀ Rentals - @somethingborrowed⠀ Macrame - @macramadebymarie⠀ Hair + Makeup - @alterimagecharleston⠀ Dress - @lissimonbridal⠀ Jewelry - @barracudamoonjewelry⠀ Bowtie - @birdseyebowties⠀ Bride - @gabi.ocasio⠀ Groom - @j_brantley_
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Feeling like I'm in a happy, sleepy haze but we're back from our trip and ready to get back to work!⠀ ⠀ Photographer - @arikajordanphotography⠀ Venue - @shakorihillsgrassroots⠀ Planner + Designer - @beautybudgetevents⠀ Florist - @paperswallowevents
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Bon voyage for the next little bit, floral friends! The hubs and I are heading off on an International adventure for the next few days. We may be sharing bits of our adventures here and there on my more personal/lifestyle account, @prettypoppypeony, but for the most part we're going to...
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