Happy Monday, friends. I'm loving some flowers I got from Trader Jo's yesterday. Flowers add beauty and cheeriness to the everyday, ordinary. #flowers #flowersofinstagram
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Went to lunch in a delightful little cafe called "Rosie's Cafe" and also antiquing" in the accompanying shop with Elizabeth @lizzymarius and our littlest grand daughter, Keziah. What a fun day. Treasuring every moment. #ilovemykids #ilovemygrandkids #ilovemyfamily #family #florida
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A few more pics from North Carolina, starting with Luke cooking us up some General Tsoa Chicken 😀Steve on the beach with Elyse, Elon opening a birthday present And Nathan and Elyse. #grandkids #roadtrip #ilovemykids #ilovemygrandkids #ilovemyfamily #northcarolina #family
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Nathan set us up with such a great campsite... and our spot was so beautiful, it felt like we were in the garden of Eden. Luke brought his little dog and we all had such a great time. #grandkids #roadtrip #family #ilovemyfamily #northcarolina #picnic
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Time to try to catch up here with a few pictures from the last couple of weeks. What a great visit we had in North Carolina, with Nathan, Himilce and the kids and Luke. We celebrated 4 birthdays, enjoyed Labor Day at the creek and had an overall great visit....
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Road trip to the kids and grandkids on the East side of the country.😀Can't wait to see them all. Getting ready to cross over the Mississippi... such a beautiful sky today. #roadtrip #grandkids
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