If we didn’t have Fall, Spring would definitely be my favorite season! 🌱 It doesn’t FEEL like spring today, but if I stay inside and just look out the window, it LOOKS a lot like spring, so I’m choosing to do that on this beautiful, blustery, 40 degree day! 🌤🌬...
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“As we arise each morning, let us determine to respond with love and kindness to whatever might come our way.” - Thomas S Monson 7/15/2018 #happysunday #ru_orange #squeezetheday 🍊☀️🧡
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Guess what! In just four short months (plus one day...) these two will be married...and we’ll have a new son in law. I can’t even wait! 7/14/2018 #ilovetoseethetemple 💒💕#november15 #savandryan
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I had the chance to meet this elder’s amazing parents yesterday in the temple in one of those happy, miraculous, little coincidences (that wasn’t really a coincidence at all.) ✨ I’m so grateful for the year I served as a CSM photographer and for the countless little connections and blessings...
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What to do when you’ve spent the entire week (all three days of it) in an EXCEEDINGLY grumpy mood.... ✨✨ Incorporate some deeply fulfilling elements into your day. ✨✨ I found a few fulfilling things to do in the temple today and I loved it! A few hours spent there...
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“We all know that the Spirit brings joy. The revelation to me is that joy brings the Spirit. When we are happy, the Spirit flows more freely—otherwise, it does not.” - Truman G Madsen 7/9/2018 #chooseJOY
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