Love that spring is around the corner and my plants already seem happier, almost time to give them all a little plant boost with some fertilizer sticks. This plant actually kept making little baby plants all winter 😍🌱👶🏼 #spring #green #plants #houseplants #plantlife
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This is one of the ways I shop! I get many of my bulk items at @robuust_the_zero_waste_shop in Antwerp and I bring my big tote and all my containers! I also shop at organic supermarkets for specialty items, one regular supermarkt for things like soy milk and beans in cans...
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I’ve had an obsession with orange juice ever since I was a toddler and it has carried on into my adult life. I’ve walked away from orange juice in bottles because of the sheer amount of sugar I would consume, that’s why I have a juicer like this because when...
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Got this SOS shampoo bar from Lush to support the Sumatran Orangutan Society ! Got a container as well because I didn't have anything to put it in and it's biodegradable and sustainable! #sos #orangutan #saveorangutans #savetherainforrest #rainforrest #lush #zerowaste #zerowastebeauty #lushbeauty #shampoo #shampoobar #lushshampoobar #lushshampoo #zerowasteshampoo
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