And right on cue for an Easter debut, baby bunnies. Our youngest daughter decided last year to raise bunnies and I’ve gotten so much unexpected pleasure out of them. They’re too cute and finally there’s babies! We don’t always succeed with our homesteading goals, but raising chickens and bunnies has...
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Well Hello Fall! It’s finally starting to feel more like fall in the north GA mountains so we’re currently trying to squeeze in every fall goodie we can! Farm fresh 🍏 dipped in caramel. Yes please! 🍁
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That autumn evening glow☺️🍁
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This gorgeous pumpkin banana loaf is neither Keto or Paleo but a girl can only eat so much almond flour y’all and when her favorite season rolls around, well, she just has to fall back on good ol’ southern comfort food! Moderation y’all, you can take a breather every now...
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