I really, really liked the vintage Windsor chairs that came with our cabin, and I tried to make them work (aka legit rebuilt one of them nearly every visit). No matter the amount of TLC I gave ‘em, they just wouldn’t stay fixed. I even fell flat on my big...
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Hi!!!! I thought it would be cool to share some before and afters of our cabin kitchen. I wanted to update this kitchen but had a limited budget. I painted the cabinets, switched out cabinet hardware, replaced the flooring with inexpensive and durable VCT tile, tiled the backsplash with very...
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My old man has been sick with strep, so I’ve been sleeping with the plants in the guest room. I’m thinking about making it a permanent move. 🌱 🖤
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To day on the blog, I’m sharing how the heck I painted the super high walls in our narrow staircase and lived to tell the tale. Link is in my bio 👆👍👌
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