Another bucket list tick off. Able to hike #taalvolcano ❤️
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Have you been to Sapporo? The largest city on Hokkaido Island, Sapporo is home to nearly 2 million people. Sapporo is Japan’s easiest-to-navigate city, with city blocks named and numbered according to the point of the compass. That’s why yesterday, the government of #Sapporo visited Philippines to launch and share...
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Celebrating beauty and as well imperfection yesterday @aquamineralph #skincaresunday Full details will be available soon on my blog and also trying new preset today. What do you think of this? ❤️
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Calling all SHOPAHOLICS! The Shopaholic Special is here! For a every Php2,000 single or accumulated receipts qualifies an entry to the raffle where 100 lucky shoppers will win P10,000 each in cash prizes, tax free! Double your chances of winning if you sign up for Century Prime Rewards or pay...
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