Me giving you some sass because I’m tired af and don’t wanna get up for work tomorrow 😭😭😭 (📷 by @katie__lester)
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Dreaming of American iced tea and even warmer climates 🙃 no I won’t shut up about it just yet! 🙈 At least it’s Friday tomorrow, hope you all have a good weekend planned 💛
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If there’s two things a woman needs on her wrists at all times it’s 1) a hair bobble (obvs)😉 & 2) a classic watch. ~ I opted for a super simple piece from Ice-Watch ⏱ If you fancy getting a little closer, head to my stories to see which one...
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Must. Wear. Some. Other. Jeans. 🙄 My moms getting good at this whole photography thing isn’t she? Thank you mother 🖤 I’m currently sat working on my blog before stuffing my face with pasta 🙃 have a good eve!! X
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Blooody lovely weekend in London if I do say so myself 🙌🏼 Some day soon I’ll find a new bag, but until then you’ll find this one glued to my hands✨ For some reason Instagram won’t let me like/comment as normal, it’s being mega weird 😫 HELP
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Just sat and watched Planet Earth II - Live in Concert and I just can’t 😭 Honestly, it was so moving; the planet we live on is absolutely beautiful 🌎❤️ ~ Happy Sunday you lovely people, I hope you’ve had a fab weekend x ~ 📷 by @katie__lester despite being...
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