Token girly photo of pink things & jewelry.
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In response to @artstew52 prompt: Wander Somewhere and Make Something. . . #janiestews #artstew52 #bluenotebookmusings
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Cores felizes
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SPELUNKING The way to the sanctuary of God is a mineshaft. If you enter, you must go spelunking down into the dark. You will face the fear of getting lost, of being trapped, of not being able to return the way you came. There are lonely, silent lakes underground and...
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#throwback to SUNday
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PART I The air was fresher, up there on the rooftop, and the clangorous, grimy old city below was almost beautiful; dipped in sunset orange and hung about with smoky shadows. I swept over the familiar silhouette of spires and chimneys to a profile even more well-known, but infinitely more...
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