Henry's birth was a little emotional, but I managed to write down the parts of it that weren't too hard to remember and explain a little bit about why it was scary. We're just so glad our little guy is here and healthy now and he is getting triple the...
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I recently got this original painting back after Liv+work closed down her storefront, and I was secretly really happy to have it back again! I've been dreaming of painting a set of house plants and wanted to use this painting as part of it, and now I can! New card...
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I sorted out some original paintings for a facebook sale and possibly also IG stories. Idk feeling crazy! Coming soon. (Aka as soon as my boys give me the chance to photograph and list them all, watch for more info) #lavenderandclover #womenofillustration #watercolor #watercolorpainting #illustration #illustrator #kansasartist #midwestartist
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Who out there has a baby coming there way in 2019? Your own, nieces, nephews, grandbabies, friend's babies, etc! Tell me below and tag your preggo friends! Find this cactus blanket in the shop! Link in profile. #womenofillustration #midwestmakers #lavenderandclover #textiledesign #textiledesigner #babyblanket #handmadebaby #madeinkansas #madeinthemidwest
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