Some greeting cards I made from an old calendar and Nat. Geo photos for Tuesday Tips & Treats with @artstew52 . Thanks to everyone who came and virtually hung out with me. Ya'll are the best! . . #artstew52 #janiestews #handmadecards
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FRIDAY FAVES Rain 🌄 Fresh tomatoes (so. many. fresh. tomatoes) 🌄 Terry Pratchett 🌄 Odd jobs that help keep me financially afloat 🌄 Small people who help me remember to smile 🌄 Piglets & kittens & horses & goats
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Oftentimes, the only way out of the dark is forward. Just keep slogging, one foot at a time. Keep looking for joy. Keep searching out things to be thankful for. Keep doing the things that scare you. Keep moving, even if it's only an inch at a time. . ....
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I was sitting on the ground in the rain, listening to the bro talk about archery when I noticed, 'hey! The pear tree's reflecting in my coffee cup. Hey! There's a pretty red sumac leaf!' And that's how these photos happened. . . I just read something about living for...
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I have a too- cute small person on the doorstep.
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Sunset morning glories
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