That Roasted Baby Chicken by @panciouspancious was super good and not greasy at all! 😍 . Don't forget to join the #FindPanciousPolice competition and win exciting prizes such as mirrorless camera! 😉 #Soompeat
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The perfect definition of satisfying dinner with bunch of great Japanese food in one table 😍🤤 #Soompeat
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The so-called Vietnamese pizza with thin and crispy crust filled with sausage, scallion and quail egg 😍👌🏻 #Soompeat #SoompeatDaNang #SoompeatVietnam #SoompeatTrip
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It's Monday and it's time for "Latino Fiesta" dinner at @collagepullmancp! 😍✌🏻 . There are bunch of good Mexican food and other international cuisines, be sure to try it! 😉 #Soompeat
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Introducing "The Return of Peruvian Palate" special by @sailendrarestaurant with special guest chef, Natty Echeverria! 😍 . There are various authentic Peruvian dishes made from traditional family recipes and it tasted good! 🤤 . It's available on Friday & Saturday (only for dinner) and Sunday Brunch until 29 July, don't...
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The infamous Coconut Coffee, one of the signature beverages in Vietnam! 😍 . It tasted a little bit sour and acidic with a hint of coconut flavor 🤤 #Soompeat #SoompeatHoiAn #SoompeatVietnam #SoompeatTrip
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