That Roasted Baby Chicken by @panciouspancious was super good and not greasy at all! 😍 . Don't forget to join the #FindPanciousPolice competition and win exciting prizes such as mirrorless camera! 😉 #Soompeat
by paulustjia 5 months ago | via Instagram

Trying the Chili Crab Omurice (top up 2 dollars to get the lava egg)bwith Soft Shell Crab by @omusg! 🤤 . It tasted pretty decent, the soft shell crab was perfectly fried and the sauce was quite good! 🤤 #Soompeat #SoompeatSingapore #SoompeatTrip
by paulustjia 4 days ago | via Instagram

The so-called Black & Gold waffle with Salted Egg soft serve by (and real curry leaves) 😂 . It tasted pretty rich, creamy and had decent saltiness and sweetness combination 😍 #Soompeat #SoompeatSingapore #SoompeatTrip
by paulustjia 5 days ago | via Instagram

Introducing the new concept of make your own noodle by @nudlesid @bogagroup_id! 😍 . You can create your own personalized noodles by choosing the type of noodle, soup and toppings! 😆 #Soompeat
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The colorful Bara Chirashi is definitely feast for the eye (and taste buds!) 😉 . I particularly loves the Unagi as it tasted pretty light and had perfect texture! 😍🤤 #Soompeat
by paulustjia 1 week ago | via Instagram

Pizza just can't go wrong, especially with two different flavors 🤤😉 #Soompeat
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