When you don’t have time to find a decent background...just make one ☝️ have I gone overboard yet? 😂 ⭐️ #zara #instax #polaroid #summerstyle
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Happy Sunday folks ⭐️ I’m off the gym and then off to meet a friend for coffee and hopefully some 📷 shooting while working full time is actually really hard 😂 it’s a learning curve though so hopefully things will even out again soon 💕 now if you’ll excuse me...
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You can peel this jacket off me when I’m asleep because otherwise I ain’t takin’ it off okay ⭐️#topshopgirls #zara #springstyle
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Time is invaluable to me now that I’m working full time. Filling every spare second with good people and taking moments to enjoy the company of the people I love is a top priority. I had the pleasure of spending an evening with @oliviaburtonwatches last week, doing some crystal meditation...
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Me walking to work tomorrow pretending I don't have a two day hangover and an intense regret for my fondness of tequila 👼🏼
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Weekend rituals 💕 Nancy Mitford is just my absolute favourite and I recommend everything she has ever written.
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