When you don’t have time to find a decent background...just make one ☝️ have I gone overboard yet? πŸ˜‚ ⭐️ #zara #instax #polaroid #summerstyle
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I wore this coat clubbing and it got dirty but three people told me I looked suave in it so it was worth it. πŸ–€ #mangogirls #andotherstories #ootdlondon #womensootd
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A throwback to last week somewhere over the rainbow wearing the new rainbow bee collection from @oliviaburtonlondon, when life was all reading books in the sun and sparkling in layers of sunscreen. Looking forward to booking in some magical trips for the year ahead to satisfy the wanderlust...watch this space...
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Back on home soil and frankly not ready to be sitting at a desk 9-5 for the foreseeable future πŸ™πŸ» also who else is looking forward to putting the wrong year down every time I have to enter the date for the next few months while we adjust to β€˜19?πŸ’₯...
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