Had so much fun (and bunch of food!) in Pasar Senggol 2018 at @summareconmalbekasi with theme “Jelajahi Kuliner Street Food Kekinian” 😆😎 . There are many interesting food such as those “Telor Gulung”, “Kue Lekker”, Chicken Feet, Long Potato and Jumbo Doger Ice, and many more! 😍 . The event...
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A bowl of Japanese style pork rice topped with shredded nori is just perfect for meal! 😍 #Soompeat #SoompeatSingapore #SoompeatTrip
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The so-called salted egg waffle with gold dust and charcoal waffle! 😍 #Soompeat #SoompeatSingapore #SoompeatTrip
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Sometimes simple dish could be the most satisfying one such ad those Vietnamese Chicken Rice which tasted super good! 😍 #Soompeat #SoompeatSingapore #SoompeatTrip
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