Had so much fun (and bunch of food!) in Pasar Senggol 2018 at @summareconmalbekasi with theme “Jelajahi Kuliner Street Food Kekinian” 😆😎 . There are many interesting food such as those “Telor Gulung”, “Kue Lekker”, Chicken Feet, Long Potato and Jumbo Doger Ice, and many more! 😍 . The event...
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Welcoming the new restaurant in PIK that specialized in serving Cantonese Fusion Noodle and Dimsum, @wantreasures ! 🎉 . This is their Truffle Pork Soy Noodle and it tasted super duper good! The pork was tender and perfectly seasoned 🤤😍 #Soompeat
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Had a great Mediterranean Brunch at Bengawan Restaurant @keratonjakarta earlier Today! 😍 . They had bunch of great Mediterranean and International cuisine, be sure to try it! ✌🏻😉 #Soompeat
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Pasta for dinner is definitely a good idea 😉🤤 #Soompeat
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Fried Chicken Bowl with Thai Sauce from one of the random stall, it tasted pretty decent although the sauce was a bit too sweet 🤤 #Soompeat
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These corn fritters were simple yet so addictive 😂🤤 #Soompeat
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