If u find green sexy, then swipe right to see which French botanical beauty brand recently launched a skin fight against all the free radicals (pollution, dust, cigarette smoke, smog) that’s damaging your skin + making u look older than u are. Check out Elixir Jeunesse @yvesrochermy #ElixirJeunesse #yvesrochermy #freeradicals...
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Guess where I spotted these gorgeous butterflies flying? At @origanimalaysia newly launched organic beauty clinic in Curve! You’ve probably seen them at BSC (the first time I spotted them). Their tagline “Where miracles of nature inspires your inner & outer beauty” 😍 #origanimalaysia #organicskincare #madeinAustralia
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Imagine how it’ll look like at night 🌅 Chinatown, Singapore #singapore #chinatown
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Spotted in Chinatown Singapore @adlerhostels 😎 if there’s glamping there’s glampacking #flashpackers #boutiquehostel #adlerhostel #singapore
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