this is me regretting my life decisions in the past 48hours. i just had my worst, WORST hangover ever that i vow to never ever drink alcohol again (for real this time) ya’ll are my witnesses! 🤣🤣🤣 . 📸 @chinstagram09 promise, di na ko iinom 😂
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some nights i wish i could go back in time, not to change shit but to feel a couple of things twice — mood
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status: busy falling in love with places 💕 #elyuhits
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i’ve always known myself as a pancake person. but things change, people change. now, i’ve become a waffle person. although breakfast is still my favorite meal of the day! i guess some things are constant 😋💚 #nikalamons #wafflesvspancakes #forkyeah #ifthatmakesenselmao
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