Nothing like that first bowl of strawberries!!!!!!
by mulberrylanefarm 1 month ago | via Instagram

Miss you, Dad! (My Filliol Macintosh Apple Tree in memory of my parents.)
by mulberrylanefarm 1 day ago | via Instagram

On a hot day like today it's 15 minutes on the sunshine dry cycle!
by mulberrylanefarm 2 days ago | via Instagram

The blackberries are flowering.
by mulberrylanefarm 5 days ago | via Instagram

Strawberry U-Pick is now done for the year. I just picked a few of the last berries! I sure will miss those daily fresh strawberries.
by mulberrylanefarm 1 week ago | via Instagram

Time to cut runners from the strawberry plants. You can't believe how fast these runners grow!
by mulberrylanefarm 1 week ago | via Instagram