Hello there, KissTon fans! I saw a video of your Shark King @tony.labrusca exercising and thought I'd do the same. I dunno where Tony filmed his video, but mine was done by @jerrymandap at @obstaclesportsfactory. BTW, thanks to @noelagra for encouraging me. I couldn't have pulled off this stunt without...
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"Never give up on dreams because you never know, it could happen to you." 💙 👸 . @piawurtzbach #MMKPiaWurtzbach
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In 2015, I was obsessed with @piawurtzbach. Not just because she became the first Filipino Miss Universe in over 40 years, but because her story inspired me. She never gave up on her dreams, even when the odds seemed stacked against her. I'm also a dreamer, so I found her...
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