Stop and...admire the mushrooms.⠀ ⠀ Photographer: @bonafideproductions⠀ Shoot Organizer/Leather Atelier: @jahdemade⠀ Makeup: @jonnycosmetics⠀ Shoot styling: @teenymo ⠀ Furniture: @thefrencheclectic⠀ Flowers: @wearepetaloso⠀ Plants / Greenery: @meetinggreen⠀ Paper flowers: @abm.canvas⠀ Art installation: @milliesimsart⠀ Donuts: @bib.on⠀ Tea, snacks & wine: @26divine⠀ Pastries & cake: @kellymirabellebakery⠀ Nail art:⠀ Hair: @locahmu⠀ Bows: @jkpagan⠀ Mushrooms:...
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Cheers to you + your boo!⠀ Photo by @dearelizabethphoto Planning by @paperswallowevents Rentals by @somethingborrowed_ks
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Who doesn't love a color palette of blues, pinks and ivory? Add in some preserved eucalyptus and you've got this beauty. ☺️⠀ ⠀ Photo by @vestedimage. Bouquet by me. Clothing is vintage.
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