Quiet time read...I have missed you, coffee on the deck! And you know a book is good when there are a hundred sticky darts poking out from quotes to be copied. 😁 I have a new notebook for my #commonplacebook , now just to find the time to use it!...
by stephaniemargaret_ 7 months ago | via Instagram

Christmas Eve day we enjoyed a lovely snowy hike. Winter landscapes are so beautiful. ❄️
by stephaniemargaret_ 2 weeks ago | via Instagram

Flu in the house and keeping four little people occupied is no easy feat but we’re surviving and happy that we all haven’t come down with it....(yet? 😰) Still, I’m content and thankful for so much! Look at this sweet boy playing with one of his new Christmas gifts ❤️
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Our van wouldn’t start this morning so we walked to our morning plans and had to stop along the way to look at the Nativity setup. Such a clear, bright morning and I took note of the feel of their little mitten hands in mine since my husband was along...
by stephaniemargaret_ 1 month ago | via Instagram