Quiet time read...I have missed you, coffee on the deck! And you know a book is good when there are a hundred sticky darts poking out from quotes to be copied. 😁 I have a new notebook for my #commonplacebook , now just to find the time to use it!...
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That wrinkled nose and dimple! #elizaclaire #9monthsold
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Dollar store for the win! And now Joshua is on to playing velcro ball catch with daddy ⚾️! #summerfun
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Been on my shelf since way before kids but I’m just reading it now, and getting to enjoy it with our little ones. Highly recommended! #readaloudrevival
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Rain is on the forecast so we’re inside painting and enjoying our new read aloud, “The Adventures Of Edward Tulane”. It’s wonderful and they’re begging for more chapters! ❤️(Check out the illustration quality in separate photo!) And this one is ultra-serious when doing art 😊🎨
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This girlie thrives on fairy tales (and loves the real versions, not just the Disney princess fluff 😉). Villains and rescuers and happy endings, themes all really borrowed from the greatest and truest story of all. How precious these wonder-filled years are! *Note, she likes to point to words, I’m...
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