I’m so happy with how this is turning out 😍😍😍
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Painting some very big leaves...aaaaaaand rained out again. So good for the flowers in my yard. So bad for my work. Guess I’ll go home and make some super fancy earrings 😍
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And we’re finished. We had so many people say so many great things to us about this project. We’re grateful to those who supported it, for those who loved it, and for those who hated it but were kind in their disagreement. As we’ve said all along - it’s just...
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Yesterday I made the decision that I would no longer do any community projects. While most criticism can be handled, the personal attacks take a heavy toll. And apparently personal attacks are just a part of doing community work. Kind of gross. So I was like, β€œnope. Totally done with...
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Dear friends - thank you for kind words on a hard day. Thank you for hugs and Doritos and margaritas and french fries and standing up for each other. Thank you for differences of opinion that are resolved without taking prisoners. Thank you for reaching out and checking in. Thank...
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Day 3 of @peoriapublicart β€˜s first project - The West Bluff planters! We’ve had such a great time doing this and the community has been so supportive - say hi if you get the chance!😍😍😍
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