TFW you get your bachelors but it’s only the practice round cause you are getting a doctorate in just a few years🎉 Even though this isn’t the end of the road for you at #usciences we are so proud of how far you’ve come! Congrats to all those who earned...
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At Orientation make sure to keep an eye out for our Blue team, Kaitlyn and Joana! They are full of energy and are ready to welcome all of the incoming students! Both Kaitlyn and Joana are P2 Pharmacy students! #usciences18 #usciences #proveneverywhere
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Congrats to all of the HS seniors attending USciences in the fall as you celebrate your high school graduation! Can’t wait to see your sweet graduation caps 🎓 ➡️ SWIPE to see the full design feat. Drake the Devil!
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Back at it with our Orientation team, today we want to introduce our Orange team Jenny and Steven! Jenny is a P2 studying pharmacy and Steven is a 2nd year who is studying Physics! Don’t let their shy sides fool you, these two can be hilarious #proveneverywhere #usciences18 #usciences
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How sweet it is when you get that degree ... 👀 this cake from @bakinwhoopie #usciences #usciencesgrad18 #proveneverywhere @pcp_philapharmacy_usciences
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Hey Everyone! We want to take time over the next few days to introduce you to our wonderful Orientation Team! We have 6 teams repping their team color proudly! Today we want to introduce you to Liv and Trisha, our yellow team! Liv is currently a U3 studying Neuroscience and...
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