We are so excited to get to celebrate the opening of @ronin.tx restaurant tonight!! Such an amazing place!
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Joy ... Meghan on her wedding day looking over at her man. Rather than telling someone to look joyful and laugh, it’s always better to just tell them to look at someone who will make them absolutely light up!
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I just got a load of film back from various summer travels and was transported back to this awesome spot we stumbled on while hiking in Arkansas. It was refreshing to take off our shoes and just let the boys catch tadpoles for a while (the impressive part is that...
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I'm usually a fan of really interesting and busy backgrounds... vines, brick, trees, etc. But, sometimes a simple white wall just does the trick. I'm wanting to start experimenting more with solid backgrounds and push myself creatively.
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Something about all the lines and symmetry getting invaded by that giant oak branch that makes me like this image...
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Earlier this summer I had my Rollieflex loaded with a roll of black and white film for the purpose of just capturing random moments as they came. Mason pulled up his little desk in my office one day to work on a picture he was drawing (probably of a frog)....
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