We are so excited to get to celebrate the opening of @ronin.tx restaurant tonight!! Such an amazing place!
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I don’t usually post shots of details here on the Insta... it’s not that I don’t take them, it’s just that I get way more pumped about people and raw emotions than I do things. I try not to spend a crazy amount of time on a wedding day worrying...
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I’ve finally reached the point where some of my kids actually like being in the garden with me! Granted they are much more interested in searching for bugs among the plants than anything else... but, I’ll take it!
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I found some film negatives in a box with some of my grandparent’s things when I was back home recently. So, I brought them back home to scan them in and see what was there. Found this image of my dad praying at bedtime that his dad took one day....
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Ashley + Geoff // @7f.lodge
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Owen | Year 4 Birthday Film In keeping with this guy’s very full personality, he was pretty dramatic about me wanting to take his birthday portraits this year... I had to negotiate with him after every shot to let me take just one more! I have a feeling that this...
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