More things...almost done with this section of the mural! (Right. This section. There’s so much more to go)
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Cheerful indoor mural things on a gloomy, rainy afternoon. Grateful every day to be given these opportunities to do what I love for a living ❤️❤️❤️
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Our super picky eater decided that this week, everything sucks except dog food. We worry about the pieces getting stuck in the folds of his floppy esophagus, so we give him water from a syringe sporadically while he eats, to help push everything down. You guys...look at his sweet face....
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The forecast is calling for heavy thunderstorms this afternoon, so I’m staying in to work on jewelry today. Also, this week a lady told me that I had no talent and that I was like Florence Foster Jenkins - a wealthy socialite who couldn’t sing but everyone lied and told...
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Painting some very big leaves...aaaaaaand rained out again. So good for the flowers in my yard. So bad for my work. Guess I’ll go home and make some super fancy earrings 😍
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And we’re finished. We had so many people say so many great things to us about this project. We’re grateful to those who supported it, for those who loved it, and for those who hated it but were kind in their disagreement. As we’ve said all along - it’s just...
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