Blij ei reporting to you from @justcorny balkon :-))
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Soph and food, a never ending love story 🍎
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Also it's not a day out with soph if you don't end up having fries (or falafel). This is how i'm trying to be, man do we see the matched lips nails AND coat, hair looks messy but cute???? bois I really was stuntin on em this day. Truly living...
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Looking through old photos @littlekeystohappiness and I send to eachother and finding some gems from one of my favorite weeks in Amsterdam. It was the beginning of summer, days started off with breakfast on the roof, me drawing Naomi, us biking around town. This feels like ages ago and I...
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Me on film by @littlekeystohappiness after we walked 10km with her little brother Benjamin (the only child on earth I actually like) on a sunny day in Amsterdam last month 🌸
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Hospiteren is een goed excuus om nieuwe jurkjes te kopen????
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