Life is short. If you wanna do something, go do it. #GradesOfAbsoluteTruth 📷: Casey McClendon
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‪Let us not forget to verbally express gratitude. Not just today, but as a habit. Words are powerful, so speak love to your people. ‪#GradesOfAbsoluteTruth‬ 📷: @callmemykall
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After studying music at UNT with a concentration on classical voice, I graduated back in '05. Since then, this is the classroom I've been teaching in. For 14 years, I've taught between 600-650 kids a week, Kindergarten through 5th grade. Regardless of how long I've been teaching, there are days...
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‪There’s never too much black or chrome.‬ ‪#GradesOfAbsoluteTruth
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