#Repost @humane_gains ・・・ Ronald definitely was not lovin’ it!!! Thanks to everybody who came out to support!! @mcdonalds has yet to address animal welfare policies and we must unite and fight until an agreement has been made! Millions of chicken are affected every year suffering from the moment they are...
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@mcdonalds loves to say that they support farms that treat chickens well... . They’re lying. Big Time.
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Last weekend, volunteers protested in Wilmington, DE outside of a franchise operator HQ! Give them a call to ask them when they plan to implement a meaningful welfare policy for chickens: 302-478-9200
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Students at Elon University are taking a stand against animal cruelty! 💪🐓❌ Check our the link in our bio to learn more! 👆ImNotLovinIt #BoycottMcDonalds #StudentsAgainstMcDonalds
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