#Repost @humane_gains ・・・ Ronald definitely was not lovin’ it!!! Thanks to everybody who came out to support!! @mcdonalds has yet to address animal welfare policies and we must unite and fight until an agreement has been made! Millions of chicken are affected every year suffering from the moment they are...
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❗DON’T trust Ronald❗ Chickens raised for McDonald’s live a life of misery due to the terrible conditions they live in💔 Go to Ronald’s Instagram page and tell him that animal cruelty is NOT ok! 🐔❌
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❗️THE TRUTH ABOUT HAPPY MEALS❗️ Chickens raised for McDonald’s suffer from: 👉chemical burns: they stand in their own waste which contains ammonia and causes burns 👉leg injuries: chickens grow too large so quickly which causes their legs to break 👉heart attacks: it’s unnatural for chickens to be so large which...
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McDonald’s can improve the lives of millions of chickens, but chooses not to! Why not?! 🤔 . . . It’s time for #McDonalds to reduce suffering for the chickens in their supply chain! ⏰🐔 Go to 👉 @mcdonalds 👈 and ask them to take action!
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