I really regret going travelling... said nobody e v e r 🌍 ✈️ aus diesem Grund habe ich meinen Flug umgebucht und bleibe einfach noch 1 Woche länger in Dahab ✔️ Why not? Sorry, an alle die mich die nächsten Tage schon zurück in Hannover erwartet haben 🔜 wir sehen...
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Throwback to this crazy trip to beautiful #petra - Visa run at its best with @virtualassistantwomen 💛 much, much stress and less sleep, but Petra is more than worth it #jordan #sevenwonders
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Your entire life can really change in a year 🧡 I am so grateful for everything happened to me in 2018: For all the wonderful people I met. For all the opportunities I got. For all the adventures I had. For all beautiful I’ve seen. Thank you 2018, welcome 2019!...
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The great thing about new friends is that they bring new energy to your soul 🧡 👆🏻My best friend the last two days 🐪 🌵 🏜 ☺️ #deserttrip #southsinai #goodbye2018
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