“Sometimes New Beginnings are Disguised as Painful Endings.” Don’t I know that! My heart has been hurting. So many churches since Mars went retrograde on June 26th! Uh I can’t even begin to tell you. But I do know this strong powerful calm that is also in my heart overpowering...
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Halloween my be a time when you dress up and be who you really want to be. Why wait to only do that once a year? #beyounow #beyourself #beyou #doyou
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Be You, No Matter What! . . . . . There’s people who will want you to fit in a box. They will tell you to be or act differently for your safety. For you to be accepted by others. To get the right job, to have more friends, to...
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What stepping into your passion full time looks like. When you can work for yourself from anywhere you want. I’ll take the pool office thank you. #selfemployed #goddessboss #laptoplifestyleliving #poolside #accountabilitycoach #santabarbaraliving
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