A watch can make or break an outfit - do you agree? I have been wearing my new burgundy watch from @klasse14 (SWIPE for closer look) everywhere because it’s such an eye candy! . . To get something like mine or if you prefer other style, you can browse their...
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“Cause I’m a crepe. I’m a weirdough. What the hell am I doughing here? I doughnut belong here.” Radiobread #breadpuns #influencersalliance #clozetteid #ootd #ootdindo #wiwt #indonesianblogger #25weekspregnant #preggerslife #bloggerindonesia #stylediary
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Feels like a TGIF, yay! It’s our Independence Day tomorrow 🇮🇩 it’s also the weekend that Asian Games starts! . . . I’d like to clue in a little reminder. Three magic phrases: “Thank you” “Sorry” “Please”. If you don’t say them enough, it’s not that you’re too good for...
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No regrets. Just love. 🖤
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I was worried yesterday because #littlepeanut didn’t kick as frequent as usual for two days, even after I ate ice cream (that usually gets him all sugar-rushy). Today, though, he’s been kicking me all day! There were so many movements I was distracted from work 😛 Thanks for telling me...
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They love to tell you ‘stay inside the lines’ but something’s better on the other side. 😏 Happy because it’s a 4-day week! #mondaysdontsuck #selfiemonday
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