Guard dog Rowan likes to sit here when we are on the porch swing and look for people to lick or squirrels to chase 🐶
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We took off to the mountains early this morning to chase that magic fall light and now we are home snuggling on the couch and watching football. I don’t think this day can get better and I can’t believe these views are only an hour away from #yeahthatgreenville 🍁
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Today I’m teaming up with 3 of my favorite local bloggers to share something that has been on our hearts’ for a while. We are sharing how we are #livingwithsimplepurpose . Over the next month we are going to be sharing how we fight for purposeful simple living in the...
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Progress is messy. I love our finished bedroom but to get there it was lots of nights working until 11:30 and sleeping on a mattress in the dining room for a couple of weeks which the twins thought was so fun and hilarious. They loved it so much they did...
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