Looking for a simple but versatile way to spice up your music? Add your favorite percussion to our DownBeat Pedal in 7.4 seconds and start tapping your toe. 👟👡👞👠🧦 Built by hand, for your feet. Designed by Pete Farmer and built in our N. MI shop. #magnets #footpercussion #portablepercussion #percussionlife...
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A perfect sunset clearly includes @mollygeneowb and her FootDrum. ✨ #footdrums #farmerfootpercussion #onewomanband #livemusicisbetter
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Totally worth the cold hands! Glad to see our DownBeat and Egg Shaker along for the adventure @gken.music! #playmusiceverywhere #footpercussion #farmerfootpercussion
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Something for everyone to play to be able to play music everywhere and anywhere.
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